You can use Post-Its to build your own homemade piñata! Make your basic shape with some cardboard and then use Post-Its to add the color! 

To complete this fun project, you’re also going to need some scissors, hot glue, and rope. First step for this project is to cut two identical shapes out of cardboard. These shapes can be anything, but you need them to both be the same. these are going to be the two sides of our piñata.

Next, make strips out of cardboard that are 5″wide. Then curl these strips with a pencil and glue them on the top and bottom around the edge of the shape.

After the shape, which is now a piñata, has dried, you finally get to the fun part… Post-it Noting! Grab your favorite colored post-its and get to posting! Place the post-its all over the piñata to add some color!

Now, poke two holes into the top of the piñata, string though some rope, and hang it up on a tree! And you’re done! It’s that easy to create a fun party game!

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